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Mensa Mind Games 2013

 COSMO 6 - Kids favorite game!  

"The fact that there are so many variations, even a solo-play option, is a major plus. Seven games in one card box is nice...Good replay value".

"Nice compact game, well-priced, lots of play repeatability, nice quality".

"I can really see how this would be a good game for the grandkids to play. Nice to have instructions for so many uses of these multi-faceted cards... fun and versatile".

Mensa Judge Reviews from Mensa Mind Games 2013

What's Your COSMO? card game 

A game for the whole family!
the card game with the most games to play! Seven unique and fun games, for 1-6 players, ages 8 to 80, there's a COSMO for everyone in your family to play and enjoy.  Take turns playing one of your favorites. 

WHAT’S YOUR COSMO?™ has a constellation theme with cards of stars, moon, sun, comet, black hole, planet, and infinity sign illustrations. The cards also include positive and negative integers.

  • Children like the brightly colored cards and get introduced to astronomy concepts and definitions.
  • There are 7 games, total, at this time, many more can be created and the rule booklet promotes "inventing" a new COSMO game.
  • Cosmo and Cosmo 6 enhances analytical skills using positive and negative number cards and teaches numerical sequence with a unique twist.
  • With Final Draw and EQ, the players use their addition, subtraction skills, understanding of positive and negative integers, and also probability and strategy building skills.
  • All Five, Over/Under, and Flip use the letter side of the cards and players build their spelling and sorting skills, along with matching and pattern recognition and focus.





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